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ELEMENTS, pt. 4—Er
Genesis 1:1-13


God BUILDS the home

            On the first day of creation, the earth was made before light or any other part of the universe, showing it was God’s focus and purpose from the beginning. The earth wasn’t made by compressed gas and dust particles 4.5 billion years ago, but a relatively recent creation out of water (2 Pet. 3:5). Radiometric dating results rely on unknown starting conditions and amounts and unproven constancy of rates. It was once thought water didn’t exist anywhere else in the universe, but now thought to be common in some form and is consistent with the biblical, watery origin of the universe (Gen. 1:2, 6-8). The earth’s liquid water (3 oceans-worth is still under the crust) along with the atmosphere, is the ideal composition to support life (anthropic principle). This does not mean that life was created from water but rather that water was created to support life. On the third day, God produced the earth’s core, mantle and crust, using massive tectonic movement to cause unique rock composites (continents have less dense rocks and thicker crust than oceanic crust) to rise above the water, creating a huge supercontinent (Gen. 1:9, ‘water gathered to one place’; Pangea/Rodinia). The earth’s decaying magnetic field was then created and the tilt fixed at a perfectly balanced 23 ½ degrees, allowing for seasons. God is the Master builder (Heb. 3:4)!

God DECORATES the home

            After raising up dry land, God made fully grown plants, grass, flowers, and trees—some already bearing fruit—as well as possibly seaweed/algae, which prepared the earth to support fish, insect, animal, and human life (Is. 45:18). All these things can’t exclusively produce food-energy from the sun nor convert poisonous carbon dioxide to oxygen. But plants and trees ingeniously absorb light by the complex machinery of photosynthesis. This makes oxygen and also grows into a substance that can be eaten to produce energy (leaves, nuts, berries, etc.). In plants and trees, God created the first simple life forms and built into them DNA so they can reproduce and be eaten by other common DNA living things, unlike eating rocks (Gen. 1:29, 30)! The infinite combinations of plants, flowers, and trees produce flavor, beauty, protection, and comfort (Ps. 104:1-18). While God loves the earth, it is a temporary home not to be worshiped, but to show people His great love (Matt. 6:25-33)!

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